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About Us

We at Geek Studios are a leading service provider for help desk and provide IT solution for small, medium, and large-sized businesses and home consumers nationwide.

How We Work

GEEK STUDIO INC offers both on-site & online solution that will help you overcome your computer problems in the comfort of your home or workplace. As long as you have phone and internet access our team will be available to provide you fix for any software related issue with your computer through our remote support service.

Note: Subscribing to online solution does not include on-site IT service. On-site service is per incident and additional charges may apply. Also, technicians are not available in all the areas and bookings are subject to availability of the technician.

How Geek Studio IT Solution Works ?

More than 95% of the common PC problems can be fixed online as long as you have a phone & internet access.

Call Toll Free

Call Toll Free at +1844 529 GEEK(6599) to talk to Geek Studio Diagnostic Expert. The expert will understand the problem you are facing and if required would ask for the remote access of your computer.

Remote Access

The expert will provide you a 6 digit code that you need to enter on URL: www.logmein123.com . When you click start download a remote access tool will be downloaded on your computer.


You will then click on run and allow access to initiate the remote session. Once you share the screen, our technician will go ahead and diagnose the issue and will create a diagnostic report and provide you with the fix and inform you about the charges (if applicable).

Please See

You have complete control over the remote support session. If for any reason you wish to stop the session, you can immediately do so by clicking on the Red X or close button on the session window. You can also override the technicians access by controlling your PC using your own keyboard and mouse , also our tech solution agent will automatically hand over control of your PC to you when you do this. By informing you about it GEEK STUDIO INC provides you the user safety so that if you do not feel comfortable at all during any stage of the process, you can choose to stop the remote support session.

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