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Geek Studio is an independent IT solutions provider, authorized business partner, and reseller of several software and hardware products belonging to various manufacturers and brands like Microsoft and HP and affiliate reseller of Office depot and Tech Data. Geek Studio is an online retailer, vending its services and products through various e-commerce channels. All the brand logos, product insignias, and other company trademarks used, displayed and stipulated are a result of the brand being authorized partners and resellers, and in no way should be used or thought of as a part of any brand. The use of such trademarks and logos is for reference purposes and does not state an association of Geek Studio with these third-party service providers. The registered trademarks, logos, company names, brand names, and product names are owned by the respective companies and Geek Studio does not disclaim any authority or ownership in such third-party marks.

For purchases related to any brand product, software, and other accessories, contact us through the brand sites or stores. Geek Studio provides all the products, services, content, digital downloads, programs, data, and information in a manner ‘As seems to be’ or ‘without any errors and faults’. As a user, you must agree upon and bear all the risks associated with the use of the site and its services. Any dependence on the accuracy, performance, usefulness, and productivity of the site and its services must, therefore, be concurred upon the user in the full spirit of transparency and after complete assessment.

In case, there is an issue with the products and its services, and it turns out to be defective, does not function properly, or does not serve the purpose of the user following their purchase, the buyer, the company, and Geek Studio will not refund the entire cost of all the necessary servicing.

All the products and services displayed on the site of Geek Studio are guaranteed against any sort of material defects for 30 days from the date of the invoice generation. However, as stated with the disclaimer policy, Geek Studio specifically abjures all such warranties and/or conditions to any matter whatsoever related to the conditions to the quality of such services. Geek Studio disclaims any warranties as to any matter whatsoever relating to or references by the www.geekstudio.us website, including, but not restricted to the mentioned to the implied warranties and/or conditions related to the quality of the data, the workmanship of the merchant, and fitness for a particular purpose. Geek Studio also forswears the suitability, title, non-infraction, inadequacy of viruses, or correspondence to description whatsoever mentioned of the site.

All the graphics, logos, designs, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names used by the Geek Studio are registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks preserved by them. Therefore, Geek Studio’s name, logos, and any other design element cannot be adopted. The parts containing or a part of the trademarks, and/or aspects of domain names, in connection with any product or service in any manner, cannot be replicated since it is likely to confuse the audience. Geek Studio will not amend damages of any kind resulting from the use or the utter incapacity to use or operate the site. In particular and without any restraints, Geek Studio will not be responsible for any inability to use the site service made available through or in connection with the site, or any other products, services, or solutions accessed, used, employed, acquired, or discovered through the site or in connection with it. The disclaimer policy is not permissible within some states nor does the implied warranties, therefore, the context will not be observable by you.